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  • Send & Receive PEPPOL messages
  • Avoid the cost of integration into current ERP
  • Benefit from IBM technology and expertise
  • Keep your contracts with the NHS Trust
  • Store GDSN validated product & price data
  • Built in GS1 certified label designer


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Kodit’s Master Data Management & Labelling system (kMDML) is a cloud based solution specifically designed to meet the requirements of the NHS’s e-Procurement strategy and Europe’s EUDAMED UDI initiative for medical devices.
kMDML has everything you need to get compliant including PEPPOL, master data management modules for product and price data and a GS1 certified label designer, linked to product data, for the production of packaging labels.



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Our kMDML system ensures compliance to the NHS eProcurement strategy as well as other forthcoming legislation such as EUDAMED, Australia, Canada, Japan and Asia. As more regions implement UDI initiatives for medical device company’s you can be assured our solution will continue to give you everything you need to be compliant.



kMDML will provide you with a PEPPOL portal to send and receive electronic messages to and from the NHS, a master data management system to store your product and price data whilst ensuring it’s GDSN compliant, ready for the NHS eProcurement e-catalogue. You can import your trading partner information and electronically create the contracts drawn up between you. You can also design your GS1 compliant labels and link them to your product data to produce the labels required to meet your work orders.



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Our portal is ideal for companies that don’t want the cost of integrating PEPPOL into their existing systems but need to comply. Each client will have their own portal and only see their own orders. Clients can choose a message package that suits their needs according to the number of orders they receive. We also offer integration to clients who want to integrate PEPPOL into their current ordering system.


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Kodit have teamed up with IBM to offer a portal for SME’s. IBM will receive the PEPPOL messages from the customer, validate them, and forward them to our portal. This means you can benefit from all the technology and expertise of IBM


conocer personas otras partes mundo RECEIVE PURCHASE ORDERS

Suppliers can receive orders into our portal and process them. An email is optionally sent letting the supplier know a new purchase order has been received. Purchase orders can then be accepted, accepted with changes or rejected. Once an order has been processed an order response is automatically generated and sent to the customer notifying them of your decision. Once processed an invoice can then be raised.



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Once a purchase order has been processed an invoice can be raised. The invoice will be populated with the purchase order details where possible. Payment details can be stored in the system and selected from a drop down list. Once the invoice is ready it is sent to the customer with a click of a button. All invoices are kept and securely stored. These can be retrieved in pdf form at any time for audit purposes.


rencontres à elizabethtown uptobox GDSN COMPLIANT DATA

Under the revised NHS Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Provision of Services, suppliers are required to place their product data into a GS1 certified data pool. When you add or import your product and price data into kMDML it will be validated to make sure it is compliant for the data pool so you can be sure your data will not be rejected.




kPF, our GS1 certified cloud based label designer will produce GS1 compliant labels and barcodes linked to your product data. We will take your label designs and create them for you in kPF, adhering to the criteria for compliance. By linking the label designer to your products we drastically reduce the number of label templates you will need.


emmanuel et brigitte macron rencontre RESTRICT ACCESS TO USERS

With our roles and permissions module administrators can set which of their users can perform specific actions. Modules can be completely hidden and all actions within a module can be restricted.



When you sign up with us we will take the whole process out of your hands. Our full compliance service costs from $4950 per year and includes PEPPOL access and ongoing consultation for quality checking and managing all your product data. It includes the Kodit Master Data Management system to manage your product data for global compliance and link it to Kodit’s PaperFlex, cloud based, label designer for you to create labels.


SKU Code Description Price
PEPPOL Portal Annual Access Fee for the Kodit PEPPOL Portal $695
Message Block 1 500 PEPPOL Messages at $0.39 $195
Message Block 2 1000 PEPPOL Messages at $0.35 $350
Message Block 3 2500 PEPPOL Messages at $0.30 $750
Message Block 4 5000 PEPPOL Messages at $0.26 $1300
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