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The September 30th compliance date for NHS eProcurement for Class II devices is looming. These requirements include uploading a unique set of product and price data to the NHS, the use of PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) for exchanging trade documents like purchase orders and invoices with NHS Trusts, and barcode labeling using GS1 standards.
For more information on what you need to do to meet the requirements check out our July webinar. “10 Steps to NHS eProcurement”.
Working with our international partner Kodit UDI we provide compliance services for NHS eProcurement and other global medical device. We provide full compliance services via Kodit’s cloud based solutions and ongoing guidance on GS1, GDSN, UDI, and PEPPOL standards globally. To learn how we can help you keep existing business and develop new opportunities with the NHS by meeting the September 30th deadline email us at
Regarding PEPPOL MEDILINK UK estimates that less than 5% of Medical Device SME’s are ready to meet this directive so simply adding PEPPOL access can give you a leg up on the competition both in the UK and the EU.KODIT in partnership with IBM Global has taken the lead in PEPPOL by developing a state of the art PEPPOL portal which provides easy and cost effective PEPPOL access and is expandable based on the users needs. For information on our PEPPOL only services email